Typekal Single Head 15 Needle Mini Embroidery Machine – TY-MINI1501

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Transform your creativity into stunning embroidered designs with our single-head embroidery machine. Crafted for precision and efficiency, it’s your perfect partner for personalized projects and professional embroidery work.

Technical Parameters
• Head: Single head
• Working area: 200*300mm
• Computer : Dahao A15
• Needles: 15 Needles
• Speed: 1000RPM
• Screen: touch screen
• Automatic color change /Thread break detection
• Design direction can be seen in advance
• Single head machine is small in size and light in weight
• Powerful function, simple operation, unique design and stable operation
• Low noise, with a variety of sizes of embroidered frame and cap frame.
• Support multiple languages: Chinese, English, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Thai,
Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Persian, Korean, Japanese.

Package Includes
• Cap hoop, Cap Driver and Cap Station
• Round hoop 300*200mm, 180*130mm, 100*100mm, 40*60mm, 40*60mm
• Hoop support
• Working Stand
• Tool box

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